Innovative New Media is a strategic marketing company focusing on NIL opportunities by bringing together brands, collectives, and student athletes to enhance and create sustainable revenue flow for the student athlete.

We utilize short form video created by these student athletes (through the respective collectives) and connect this content with the fastest and most successful short form video technology company in the world.

Our goal is to provide each collective an additional revenue stream to create sustained opportunities for student athletes. We are proud to be the exclusive business development partner for Firework technology across sports, media, and entertainment.


  • Provides an authentic means for student athletes to connect with students and fans
  • Provides the ability for student athletes to be paid from day one
  • Bridges the gap between student athletes and brands
  • Bridges the gap between just viewing content and actually making purchases
  • Makes it available for brands to sponsor shoppable video and livestreams from the student athlete
  • Creates customer engagement


  • Ability to tap into various NIL collectives
  • Monetize student athlete content at scale
  • Creates sustainable revenue for the collective
  • Allow student athletes to create short shoppable video and livestreams
  • Allows you to utilize an advertising space you have never been able to access before…the student athlete
  • Create a brand transaction
  • Offers a unique approach
  • Over 100 years of combined experience as coaches, student athletes, and administrators of sponsor programs

We Drive Sales & Engage Audiences