Innovative New Media focuses on bringing brands, collectives, and student athletes together to enhance and create sustainable revenue flow for the student athlete by providing unique NIL opportunities and partnerships.

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NIL collectives fund NIL opportunities for the school’s student-athletes. They are typically founded by well-known alumni and supporters of the school.

Collectives are structurally independent from the University or College they represent.

We utilize short form video created by the student athletes (through the respective collectives) and connect this content with the fastest and most successful short form video technology company in the world to offer a shoppable experience for brands.

We provide a sustainable retail solution, utilizing short shoppable videos and live streaming, to create a transaction for the brands while delivering compelling content and user interaction. Our goal is to provide each collective an additional revenue stream to create sustained opportunities for student athletes.

Individual Student athletes can benefit from sponsorship dollars to the collective. The collective determines who receives funds and the amount of funds they will receive.

A sponsor should expect to have access to Student Athletes, which they can utilize as influencers to drive traffic, views, and impressions to their brand.